Diary of a (compliant) time traveller

The mobile revolution in business travel

January 2018

Technology has changed the way we organise and experience business travel, and what used to be a heavily administrative task is becoming more streamlined thanks to technology advancements. The drive towards mobile, self-service, and easy accessibility to knowledge ‘on tap’ has permeated pretty much every aspect of our work and personal lives.


We often overlook just how much technological change has impacted our lives and affected our behaviours.

Within this insight we examine extracts of a diary which details the personal experience of the fictional character, Jo Dervan, taking the same business trip 10 years apart. This allows us to see how technology has altered the entire journey from planning, preparation and travel.

Insight highlights

  • How technology has changed the way we travel – see how technology has enhanced travel to make the process less time consuming and administrative
  • New tools available to employers – learn more about the tools that have emerged to help organisations track and manage their business traveller population including immigration and tax compliance pre-travel assessments

This article is authored by Danny Taggart and Clare Allen.

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