End of Service Benefits in the Middle East – Publications

Mandatory funding for End of Service Benefits (“EOSB”) in the Dubai International Financial Centre (“DIFC”) took effect from 1 February 2020, with a deadline of 30 April 2020 for employers to comply with their funding obligations.

The expectation is that other regions will soon follow. Deloitte can provide support to employers in understanding the Regulations and assisting employers to determine and periodically review their approach, including how to communicate the fundamental change from unfunded, defined benefit style EOSB to funded, defined contribution, workplace savings to employees. This page provides access to key documentation on the topic.

Legislation and consultation documents

DIFC issues Amendments to Employment Law and Regulations

Post consultation amendments to the DFSA Rulebook published August 2021

DIFC consultation Paper No. 1 of 2021 on amendments to the Employment Law and Regulations

DFSA consultation on refinements to the Employee Money Purchase regime

DIFC Notice COVID-19 Presidential Directive

Final Regulations implementing Funded Workplace savings

October 2019 DIFC consultation Paper No.7

DFSA consultation on Employee Money Purchase Schemes 28 October 2019

Deloitte publications

End of Service Gratuities in the DIFC – Are you change ready?

End of Service Gratuities in the DIFC – employer decision wheel

Roadmap - setting out key considerations and milestone dates for employers

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