Case studies

Enhancing global mobility’s cost monitoring ability

Designing and implementing a service dashboard

Company overview and objectives

The client was looking to combine data from Deloitte’s Cost Projection service with their existing cost information to allow them to track actual spend against the plan to be more proactive about identifying potential areas of overrun.

The data from the Cost Projection service is in a different format and mapped differently to cost categories than the existing cost data which Deloitte already tracks and maintains via an interactive dashboard.



The Deloitte approach

Deloitte’s speciailised mobility analytics team within Global Workforce were able to use their data expertise to convert the cost projection data into a usable format and develop logic and mapping to ensure the two sets of data could be tracked against one another and visualised via an interactive dashboard.

Key activities

  • Understanding clients objectives and requirements
  • Designing dashboard to meet key objectives and reporting requirements of key stakeholders 
  • Identifying and formatting appropriate data sources and creating appropriate data model for visualisation
  • Creating complex logic to map data sources together
  • Review and testing


Key benefits

  • An interactive dashboard that the client can use to monitor spend against plan
  • Proactive management of overspend and areas where budgets need to be managed more efficiently

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