Future of Reward – Below board reward structure study

December 2020

How can companies use reward to provide a differentiated employee experience?

A study of the structure of reward below board.

The Deloitte Reward team conducted a study on how businesses across industries reward and incentivise their wider workforce.

Reward can play a key part in driving a high performance organisation and providing a differentiated employee experience for your workforce.

There is often, however, limited market information on how other companies structure their reward frameworks below board to allow companies to understand how their frameworks compare.

The Deloitte Reward Team undertook a study to allow companies to better understand market practice in relation to reward design and operation.

The study explored a number of areas including:

  • The importance of remunerating workforces in a way that incentivises and rewards employees for demonstrating the right behaviours.
  • How reward can play a key part in driving a high performance organisation.
  • The role reward has to play in defining the culture and performance of a company.
  • Understanding reward strategies and their strategic value.
  • Market trends across different industries/pay grades.

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