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Indonesia–Recent Changes in Immigration Regulations

13 January 2015


In view of the impact of globalization on the economy of Indonesia, the government is of the view that changes are needed to enhance the intensity of international relationships. Hence, simplification of Immigration procedures for foreign investors to invest in Indonesia and support of high-technology system needs to be undertaken.

Summarized below are some changes that were implemented progressively during 2014 throughout all immigration offices across the archipelagos.



Type of Permit

Old Regulation

New Regulation


Process for Extension of Temporary Stay Permit (“KITAS”)

Recommendation from:

- Local Immigration Office,

- Regional Immigration Office, and

- Directorate General of Immigration

are required for the extension of KITAS.

Recommendation from:

- Local Immigration Office and

- Regional Immigration Office

are required for the fourth and fifth extension.

first up to third extension only require approval from Local Immigration Office.


Deadline for Submission of Request for a New KITAS


Foreign citizen (Warga Negara Asing or “WNA”) who enters Indonesia using Limited-Stay Visa (Visa Tinggal Terbatas or “VTT”) has 7 (seven) days to report to Immigration Office to obtain a new KITAS.

WNA who enters Indonesia using VTT has 30 (thirty) days to report to Immigration Office to obtain a new KITAS; if within 30 days he/she wishes to leave Indonesia, the sponsoring party/guarantor must report to the immigration office where the WNA is domiciled.


Deadline for submission of Request for Extension of long-term KITAS (KITAS with validity period of 7 months and above)

30 (thirty) days before KITAS expires.

Up to 3 (three) months, but no later than 1 (one) working day, before the KITAS expires.


Time limit to stay in

Indonesia after

cancellation of stay


14 (fourteen) days from the issuance date of Exit Permit Only (EPO) – a stamp in the passport).

7 (seven) days from the issuance date of EPO.


Multiple Exit Reentry Permit

Not regulated.

Short-term-stay visa (less than 12 months) holders can also apply/obtain Multiple Exit Reentry Permit.


Changes in fees for nontax state revenue:

- Fee for Visa On Arrival with 30 days’ validity period.

- Fine per day for foreigner who overstays in Indonesia, not more than 60 days from the immigration permit.





IDR 200.000/person/day









Deloitte's View

As a public service provider, the Directorate General of Immigration (‘DGI’) understands that simplification of procedures in the DGI is required to support the growth of the Indonesian economy. Therefore, the DGI is seeking to enhance efficiency, quality and capacity within the DGI, and the above changes are in line with this objective. Through the implementation of the new regulations/changes, it is expected that the lengthy bureaucratic procedures will be reduced and the time required to obtain a stay permit will be more time efficient.


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