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Global Incentive Plans case study

Deloitte assisting a company with global incentive plan complexity

We provide advice to the central share plans team at a global bank. We assist this team in ensuring that local employing entities undertake all reporting and withholding requirements in relation to the bank’s incentive plans. We also assist with briefing the key stakeholders at the bank in relation to technical matters when incentive plans are being changed or new plans are being developed.

Company Overview

Our client is one of the world’s leading banks, with specialist divisions across asset management, corporate banking and investment banking. The company operates in over 60 countries and has more than 100,000 employees.


  • To provide technical advice in relation to incentive plans that operate across c.60 countries.
  • To assist with communications with local payroll teams and employees.
  • To provide technical advice on the development of new incentive plans, including complex financing / funding decisions.


How we helped

We review the tax technical positions for the client’s current incentive plans in c.60 countries on a regular basis. We consider both domestic and mobile employees. Our advice covers the employee tax position, employer withholding and reporting responsibilities and the availability of corporate tax deductions. We focus on how employer requirements can be fulfilled in practice and provide recommendations when different positions can be taken in a particular country.

We keep the client up to date with changes in legislation and guidance on a quarterly basis and we help the client to strategically select the countries to be included in each annual review.

We assist with communicating positions to both the local payroll teams and employees.

When changes were required to existing plans and new plans were developed, we provided the tax technical advice from an employee and employer perspective in the relevant countries. This included consideration of proposed financing / funding mechanisms.


  • We are able to draw upon the breadth of experience within our global network to ensure that high quality, practical advice is delivered efficiently and within the required timescales. 
  • We continue to develop the design and scope of our bespoke deliverables with the client. This ensures that the client receives the support they require in a format that works for them.

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