Global Workforce Management

Best practice approach to Global Employment Companies (GECs)

March 2018

In this insight we examine how the use of GECs has evolved over time, what the main considerations are when determining if a GEC is right for our clients and whether an alternative deployment or service delivery model may be more suitable.

We also provide our approach to tackling the question ‘to GEC or not to GEC?’ and detail some of the key GEC success factors as well as what actions organisations which have an existing GEC should take, in light of the worldwide corporate governance and responsible tax debate.

Highlights include:

  • Why do organisations use GECs and where are the current favoured locations to have these – over time the reasons for setting up GECs have changed, as have the typical GEC locations.
  • Considerations when determining if a GEC is the right solution and alternatives to GECs – key questions to consider and the use of deployment or service delivery models as an alternative to GECs. 
  • Best practice approach to setting up GECs and considerations for organisations with existing GECs – what to bear in mind in the current climate to ensure a successful GEC and what actions to consider taking if an organisation has an existing GEC.
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