Case studies

Implementing a new Global Mobility approach

Why was a new approach required?

  • Poor integration with talent – Employees were not guaranteed a job back in the home location after an assignment, this regularly meant employees left the business taking their skills with them. 
  • Outdated policy – The policy suite was insufficient and not fit for the current or future workforce. Assignment intake was also low as employees did not want to risk job stability. 
  • Global mobility brand – The stakeholders had lost confidence in the Global Mobility team.


Desired future state

The client wanted employees who would want to grow with the company by seeking out international assignments and return with new skills to their home location. The future state would be one where global mobility for the client is truly global, transparent and consistent in its way of working.


  • Implemented a Home based approach, allowing the employee to maintain a link with their home location. This involved establishing new policies, processes, in addition to establishing a clearer link with Talent.
  • Global Mobility rebrand, including new intranet pages and upskilling of the global mobility teams.

Global Workforce support

The design of the new approach was completed by the client prior to Deloitte’s involvement. Once Deloitte became engaged in the project we provided implementation support across all project workstreams:

  • Policy and process: Including a 3 day process workshop, designing policies and a policy decision tree
  • Communication: Including designing new intranet pages
  • Training: Including training their global teams on the new approach
  • Service delivery organisation: Including designing governance structure and checklists

Deloitte also provided continuous project management support throughout the project ensuring the new approach was effectively communicated to all stakeholders. After go-live of the new approach, Deloitte seconded a Global Workforce professional to the client to manage and support the ongoing embedment of the new processes and systems.



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