Indirect Tax Survey 2015

Fresh insight on the current indirect tax environment

Our third survey of UK indirect tax professionals across a broad range of industries gauges their views on their priorities and the current indirect tax environment. For the first time we have also added some questions on the impact of BEPS.

The survey was conducted in the winter of 2014 and provides insight into a number of current areas affecting indirect tax teams, including:

  • The number of VAT/GST returns and the time spent completing them
  • VAT/GST compliance and accounting outside of the UK
  • The relationship with HMRC
  • VAT/GST on the boardroom agenda 
  • Integration of indirect tax with the rest of the business
  • Internal stakeholder scrutiny
  • Base Erosion & Profit Shifting
  • Current priorities and indicators of success
Indirect Tax Survey 2015

Continuation of recent trends

Our findings continue to demonstrate a number of recent trends, including:

  • A good relationship with HMRC is an important measure of success for respondents and encouragingly 80 per cent have said they either have a good or excellent relationship with HMRC
  • Consistent with results from previous years, a significant majority of respondents report that VAT/GST has been discussed by the board or senior management in the past year. Topics discussed included the VAT treatment of holding companies, the implications of the Skandia case about VAT grouping, managing compliance risk and managing partial exemption
  • Almost 60% have responsibilities outside of the UK, the majority of these having a European remit, but also Africa and the Far East featuring strongly this year. This reinforces the importance of keeping up-to-date with global changes in indirect tax law and policy.
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