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Once the final form of Brexit is known – be it a “deal” or “no deal scenario” – it is estimated there may be up to 800 new Statutory Instruments (of which more will relate to indirect taxes than any other tax area), plus associated HMRC updates and guidance.

To help you keep up-to-date with all of these developments as they happen, Deloitte has launched the Indirect Tax Brexit Portal. The Portal is an online repository for you to find all of the new indirect tax-related Brexit legislation as it comes out, along with related HMRC/HMG publications and all of the indirect tax Brexit content that Deloitte publishes (e.g. opinion pieces, readiness review guides, thought leadership pieces, Deloitte Brexit webcasts etc.).

The content on the Portal is categorised and will cover:

  • VAT
  • Customs duty and Excise duty, including analysis of the issues, implications and some available tools,
  • Legislative updates and other legal/case law issues,
  • Compliance and technology, including the impact of any changes on indirect tax reporting systems and processes, and also
  • General information as it relates to the Brexit process, e.g. relevant UK Government/EU announcements.

With the Portal available through desktop and mobile you can be assured that you can access key information on-the-go, from your office or your daily commute.

Registration and access

You can start using the portal today. The Portal is free of charge and as a registered user you will be able to select whether to receive daily or weekly email alerts that notify you as (and only if) new content is added to the Portal.

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