Look deeper. Seize the opportunity.


Look deeper. Seize the opportunity.

Incentives fuel performance

In most countries and industry sectors, an elaborate system of financial incentives is available to fuel your R&D, innovation, and other business investments.

These incentives are available for both domestic investments and growth opportunities abroad. The multitude of opportunities becomes more complex when you consider that within each country, the local and regional governments have the authority to fund incentives of their own.

Identifying, understanding, and prioritizing the right incentives for your organisation can be a time-consuming and challenging undertaking—but it’s also one that can generate significant benefits.

Deloitte connects you to Global Investment & Innovation Incentives (Gi3) practitioners who are ready to provide support around the world.

Our world-class capabilities help you pursue the right incentives by developing and executing an effective incentives strategy for your needs.

Incentives fuel performance

The Deloitte difference

We understand the global dynamics that affect the funding of your innovation and investment strategy.

Global reach

Gi3 helps you see all the possibilities by identifying incentive opportunities available to your company worldwide.

Technology at the centre

Leverage technology for operational efficiency and to gain a clear vision of relevant opportunities.

Industry experience

Gi3 practitioners globally know and understand your industry, your business language, and your technology language.

Lifecycle view

Each incentive must be considered in the context of the investment and innovation lifecycle to realise the full financial and commercial benefit.

Leveraging the ecosystem

Innovation does not happen in a vacuum. Connecting with the relevant government bodies and research institutes will propel your innovation capability. Deloitte helps you build winning relationships.

Thought leadership

Governments across the globe seek the insights of Deloitte people to help in the development and design of their own incentive policies.

Total perspectives

Deloitte’s broad range of specialised services are available to help you consider the impact of incentives on your wider tax, financial, and commercial activities so you can further enhance and accelerate your business opportunities.

Achieving the benefits

Typical financial benefits

  • Tax credits or rebates, either as a reduction of your corporate or employer taxes or as a refund in other ways
  • Defined grants and accelerated tax deductions that apply to prescribed investments
  • Negotiated grants or incentives as a function of employment creation or capital investment

Investment factors that trigger more incentives

  • R&D projects: For product and process—for all industries—from basic research to shop floor
  • Capital investments: Whether site-related or for equipment purchases
  • Employment: Creation, conversion, and training
  • Location: New sites or modifications to existing sites
  • Environment: Direct investments or productivity improvement-related

Start with the big picture

A world of opportunity—coordinating regional grants and credits with a global incentives strategy is an effective way to generate bottom-line results.

In locations around the world, the menu of available incentives is growing and changing every day.

Look deeper. Seize the opportunity

Deloitte’s Gi3 process efficiently acquires an understanding of your business and the grants and incentives opportunities that apply.

Our global perspective provides insight to any enterprise that wants a clearer view of global opportunities. 


Visit the Global investment and innovation incentives (Gi3) webpage for more information.

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