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Executive Pay

11 June 2018: Pay ratios and executive pay reporting

18 January 2018: 2018 Proxy voting guidelines for UK and Ireland

January 2018: Executive Remuneration - New year update

December 2017: Executive Remuneration News

5 December 2017: Financial Reporting Council announces consultation on UK Corporate Governance Code

3 November 2017: Investment Association Principles of Remuneration 2017

2 November 2017: ISS consultation on restricted shares

26 October 2017: Investment Association announces public register of shareholder votes

29 August 2017: Government announces corporate governance reforms

13 April 2017: Financial Services - Reward: PRA publishes final guidance on remuneration

5 April 2017: BEIS Select Committee - Corporate Governance inquiry

30 March 2017: European Commission outlines vision on retail financial services and FinTech

15 March 2017: European Union - Shareholder Rights Directive approved

16 February 2017: Financial Reporting Council - Review of the UK corporate governance code

2 February 2017: Glass Lewis - 2017 proxy voting guidelines

30 January 2017: Gender pay gap reporting - guidance for employers

25 January 2017: The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) has published its 2017 corporate governance policy and voting guidelines

18 January 2017: BlackRock has published a paper setting out its approach to executive remuneration in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The key themes are summarised here

January 2017: Initial impressions from September 2016 disclosures

29 November 2016: Green Paper on Corporate Governance

22 November 2016: ISS releases 2017 proxy guidelines

15 November 2016 Hermes Remuneration Principles: clarifying expectations

November 2016: Executive Remuneration News

1 November 2016: IA issues its 2016 Principles of Remuneration

3 October 2016: The heat is on - reforming executive pay

16 August 2016: GC100 and Investor Group Directors' Remuneration Reporting Guidance 2016

7 January 2015: Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) issues 2015 proxy voting guidelines for the UK and Ireland

18 December 2014: The GC100 and Investor Group releases an update to the IGC Guidance on directors remuneration reporting

8 December 2014: The NAPF publishes its updated Corporate Governance Policy & Voting Guidelines for 2014/15.

20 October 2014: The IMA publishes its updated Principles of Remuneration.

19 September 2014: The FRC provides clarification regarding the new provision on clawback.

17 September 2014: The FRC releases the updated UK Corporate Governance code.

25 April 2014: The FRC releases a consultation document on changes to the UK Corporate Governance code in relation to directors’ remuneration.

14 April 2014: Launch of “Be Equipped”, our report which covers directors’ remuneration in smaller companies. Click here to request your copy of the report.

3 April 2014: Launch of “Getting it right from the start”, our report which covers the type remuneration arrangements operated in recently listed companies and looks at how this compares to practice in established listed companies.

13 December 2013: The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued a policy statement outlining changes to the remuneration reporting requirements currently included in the Listing Rules.

19 November 2013: Launch of Know the ropes, our report which provides an overview of everything you need to know to be an effective member of a remuneration committee.

18 November 2013: The National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF) releases an updated corporate governance policy and voting guidelines. The pension fund investors also release an updated joint paper on remuneration principles.

6 November 2013: The Association of British Insurers (ABI) issues its annual update of the executive remuneration guidelines for listed companies.

14 October 2013: The GC100 and Investor Group releases updated guidance on directors’ remuneration reporting

1 October 2013: Final remuneration disclosure regulations come into force.

19/24 September 2013: Launch of Deloitte publications “Your Guide” setting out key trends in Directors remuneration in FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 companies.

12 September 2013: The GC100 launches new guidance on BIS. Find out more about the GC100 guidance on BIS.

1 September 2013: New “employee shareholder” status legislation comes into effect. Contact the team to discuss how this effects your Company

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