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Research led Global Mobility re-design

The opportunity

Our client aspired to have a best-in-class mobility programme that was forward-thinking in its policy framework and delivery. However, they also recognised challenges in their programme potentially holding them back from achieving these ambitions.

They subsequently came to Deloitte seeking help and insights. Our response? We wanted to make sure our recommendations were in line with the unique needs of their employees. We therefore developed a comprehensive design-led research strategy to ultimately design a new framework that resolved existing challenges while also providing them the tools to reach their ultimate best-in-class mobility goal.

The solution

A revamped and competitive framework, tailored to the needs of our client’s assignees and business representatives, based on our research findings.

How we helped

We focussed on devising a research strategy that would best enable us to uncover challenges and opportunities. This led to us applying the following quantitative and qualitative methodologies:

  • Be-spoke interviews with market-leading organisations to determine best-in-class mobility programme characteristics
  • Be-spoke company surveys to gather statistical/quantitative information
  • Policy benchmarking to verify position in the market
  • Internal stakeholder interviews to understand experiences with the existing programme

Using our results we analysed common themes and patterns across the various methodologies. Our insights led to us revealing, during an immersive all-day Lab, the design of a unique framework. We used the Lab to stress test the new framework and practically consider how it could look and feel in the organisation, and what actions were needed to embed it.

How can Deloitte help you?

Our team can help you develop a mobility programme that is innovative, competitive, and based on the experiences of your people.

Through our design-led research, we can help you set the direction of your programme and feel confident that it is truly meeting the needs of your people and business strategies.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more!

An impact that matters

Our research-led global mobility re-design will ultimately mean an enhanced experience for assignees, business stakeholders, and mobility professionals.

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