Share Success

Your guide to employee share plans in the UK and beyond

Designing, implementing and operating share plans

'Share Success' is a guide to designing, implementing and operating share plans.

The purpose of this guide is to give you an objective summary of the main types of share incentive arrangements, which are operated by companies in the UK (listed or private).

We have summarised the main features of such plans including their tax treatment. There is an expanded chapter on governance and disclosure to reflect market developments over the period and we have added a section on the funding of share plans.  

Share Succes

UK incentive plan services

Whether in a private or listed company, the use of shares can be an effective way to reward and motivate a workforce, both in the UK and internationally. The design of share plans ranges from those suitable for all employees, to highly bespoke arrangements for just a handful of key roles.

Deloitte provides a complete service from design through to implementation of a share plan. Our advice includes tax, regulatory and accounting considerations as well as reviews of the impact of corporate transactions on equity-based arrangements. 

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