Startup-ify your Global Workforce Management

Adopt the agile spirit of start-ups

The current prevalence of digital technology is fundamentally changing the way in which many organisations operate on a day-to-day basis. In light of this, companies’ mobility functions are being challenged to transform to increase the value they bring to organisations and their employees.

This report focuses on how organisations can adapt their Global Mobility functions to become as nimble as a start-up. New digital technologies are presenting organisations with the opportunities to transform themselves and it is imperative organisations use these technologies in an agile way to ensure their global workforce strategy is one that remains competitive and also right for their business.

We specifically look at how the expectations of Global Mobility functions are evolving in light of the new technologies, including:

  • What the functions’ various roles will be going forward?
  • How Deloitte’s Global Workforce team can utilise their ‘lab and sprint’ approach to implement the accurate use of these technologies?
  • How large organisations can behave like a Start-up?
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