UK Immigration 2010 – 2015

An evolution for business

Immigration is something of a sensitive political topic, and we can expect that it will continue to be so. In practice, net immigration continues to rise and the reality of the business need for an internationalised and mobile workforce (including inside a borderless Europe), is not going away. For all the UK’s political parties this produces a challenge as they balance this against the pull of anti-immigration rhetoric.

Against this backdrop businesses have had to deal with a legal landscape that has involved significant legislative change in each of the past five years. As with all change, there are some winners and some losers, intended and unintended consequences.

The Deloitte immigration team has summarised the most relevant Tier 1 and Tier 2 changes that affect business in the UK and our assessment of their impact. We deal with cooling-off, post study work, visitor rule changes and much more. To request a copy of our immigration booklet, please email Sarah Ingles.

Deloitte has a long established and successful immigration practice that would be delighted to assist you with your immigration matters.

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UK Immigration 2010 – 2015


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