New BEPS Information Portal

We have now gone live with our new BEPS website. The portal is free to access and does not require registration.

  • The BEPS timeline of key milestones and news releases, past, present and future;
  • Country scorecards, providing a high-level summary of different countries' perspectives of the BEPS Actions (28 countries at present);
  • An archive of relevant articles and papers from the OECD, other regulatory authorities, plus thought pieces and presentations from Deloitte;
  • More information on each of the 15 Actions being considered and worked on by the OECD, including an overview of what each Actions is intended to address, the expected timing of releases by the OECD for each Action and links to all of the documents already released by the OECD; and
  • A list of Deloitte contacts for each country

We will continue to add content and exciting new features as the BEPS timeline progresses.

The address of the website is and we hope you find it useful.

As always, for further information or to provide feedback please do not hesitate to get in touch with your usual Deloitte contact.