Business Travel Services

Managing and mitigating tax, social security, immigration and regulatory compliance risks for business travellers

Global business travellers can trigger compliance obligations in jurisdictions around the world. These could span across various compliance aspects including income tax, social security, immigration, corporation tax, industry specific regulation and posted worker directive. Non-compliance has consequences for both the travelling employee and the employer.


Authorities around the world are increasing scrutiny on business travellers and viewing them as a potential source of revenue. Organisations are now faced with increasingly onerous reporting obligations where they may not have a registered presence. There is particular emphasis on ensuring employees are immigration compliant ahead of travelling to avoid significant financial penalties, reputational damage and potential personal discomfort if stopped at a border.

Deloitte’s Business Travel Services (BTS) helps organisations manage and mitigate these risks ahead of travel, during travel and in retrospect. We deploy a holistic approach that covers traveller behaviour, effective use of technology, data analytics and design of downstream service models to manage the major challenges faced by organisations.

Implementation of a business travel solution is just the beginning. As your travellers start complying with the business travel policy, interacting with the technology and you start seeing the results through post-travel dashboards – there will be opportunities to continuously tweak and improve your business travel solution to further improve compliance and processes.

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James Macpherson

James Macpherson


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Deepinder Lamba


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