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Deloitte's customs and global trade specialists around the world can help businesses establish an international business strategy designed to manage costs and global trade regulatory requirements while leveraging innovative technology solutions.

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Companies engaged in importing and exporting face the daily challenges involved in managing export controls, customs, and supply chain security programmes. Deloitte’s UK Customs and Global Trade team take a practical and efficient approach to trade compliance, helping businesses to develop programmes that drive efficiency, cost reduction and improved risk management.

Service offerings

We provide trade compliance advisory services on matter including:


  • Loan staff, manager resource and outsourcing services to help meet your immediate resourcing needs.
  • Helpdesk services – providing you with advice when you need it; particularly helpful for companies that do not have sufficient in-house trade compliance resource, or require support in a particular geography or with a particular subject matter.
  • Organisational needs assessment – to help you determine the most effective shape, size and model of your trade compliance department for your business

Information and education

  • A training academy, including e-learning, classroom learning and customised training to suit your needs.
  • Content – online resources to provide you with up to date information on country level policies and procedures required to import and export.
  • Data analytics – utilising our on-line tools to help you conduct risk assessments and monitor the performance of your trade compliance programme across your business. 

Classification services

  • Large scale classification projects – reviewing your existing classification strategy to identify improvements to conducting classifications for thousands of products using our proven methodologies. 
  • Bespoke classification services – helping you to identify the right classification for your product and seeking government approval where necessary.

Trade compliance programmes

  • Risk assessments, business process reviews and compliance audits to support governance and risk mitigation.
  • Merger and acquisition support – identifying any potential materiality in the due diligence phase to supporting with trade compliance post integration plans.
  • Programme management – from designing the ideal trade compliance programme for your business, to benchmarking and enhancing the one you’ve already got.
  • Cost benefit analysis – determining the viability and sustainability of cost reduction or cash flow benefit programmes from implementing customs warehousing to utilising free trade agreements.
  • Supply chain mapping – to identify efficiency and cost savings opportunities.
  • AEO implementation support – taking you through the risk assessment phase to AEO certification.


  • Automation – identifying and implementing the best solution on the market for you. We have market leading experience in implementing SAP GTS.

Industry expertise

We work with clients in a number of industries, and along the way developed strong industry expertise.

Our specialist industry focuses include:

  • Aerospace and defence (particularly in export controls)
  • Oil and gas 
  • Retail (particularly for online and luxury goods)
  • Alcohol

Whether you have significant global operations and complex supply chains, or you are just starting out in international trade, or entering a new market, our experienced team can provide you with practical guidance to help meet your objectives.