Digital Products & Analytics

We help organisations achieve their strategic priorities for their cross-border workforce through the use of data driven insights and digital enablers.

Why Digital Products & Analytics?

Technological advancement will continue to be a key consideration for cross-border work with HR teams needing a strategy that can; adapt to the challenges arising, harness the opportunity to enhance employee experience, streamline operations and align global mobility to business outcomes.

Moving talent in an increasingly competitive and global environment, results in cross-border workforces that are complex, risk-filled and disruptive.

Adopting a human-centred approach and focussing on digital enablers can enable cross-border workforce management to become simpler, predictive and personal.

Amongst the digital trends defining the future of cross-border workforces are:

  1. Big data & analytics – big data sets and improved computing power will provide a competitive advantage to those best able to derive business value from it
  2. Process automation – robotic process automation can be applied to existing processes to help clean and manage data, or transform data as it passes between systems. This helps to free-up time for teams to focus on more strategic objectives
  3. Data driven decision making – fuelled by data, AI augments analytic capability to allow for new and exciting possibilities for business teams to embed insights and data based decision making into the fabric of their operations
  4. Democratisation of knowledge – valuable information can now be readily found on-line, or via crowdsourcing creating new channels for insight discovery
  5. Heightened user expectation – shaped by consumer experiences, employees now expect services via smart digital platforms. As user interfaces have shifted from web to mobile, employers will also need to interact with employees in new and personally engaging ways
  6. Open networks – collaborative ecosystems of talent/HR, technology suppliers and online work platforms allow better and more agile connection between supply and demand of workforce needs
  7. Immersive technologies – virtual and augmented reality and gamification allow for new and enhanced employee experiences and ways of working

Our capabilities

Digital Products & Analytics is a dedicated team with the skills, knowledge and creativity to enable our clients to thrive in the digital-first era by, helping our clients to design, develop and execute their digital strategy.

Our team of cross-border workforce consultants apply a problem-centric, design thinking and technical expertise approach to help deliver strategic business value.

Our team’s core technical capabilities and knowledge cover:

  • Predictive analytics – analysing historical data to discover the main drivers influencing the results, and then harnessing this information to forecast future outcomes
  • Data visualisation – delivering insight through custom dashboards and reporting, to enhance real-time information distribution leading to strategic action by the recipients
  • Data science – using scientific methods to extract usable patterns and meaning from data sets can help guide business behaviour towards desirable outcomes
  • Data wrangling – through a combination of experience and utilising the latest tools, we overcome a key challenge of any data project, to gather the data and shape for analysis.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – applying cognitive technologies to a variety of business objectives creates enhanced business outcomes

Digital products & services

We have developed a number of digital products aimed at enhancing specific Cross-Border Workforce tasks or functions, which can be adapted to meet client needs. If you have a challenge that may have a data solution, please contact us

Key contacts

Alister Taylor

Alister Taylor

Head of Global Workforce Analytics

Alister specialises in data analytics and digital product delivery for a globally mobile workforce. He has extensive experience in Mobility and People Analytics both as an adviser and within industry.... More