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We’ve launched a hassle-free service to help you VAT register with UK & EU tax authorities and file the necessary returns to be compliant with local legislation where you sell and store goods overseas.


We take you through the whole process of applying for a VAT registration with the UK & EU* authorities


Our software combines all your transactional data from the sites and online marketplaces you sell on, then uses it to prepare and submit your quarterly UK & EU VAT returns.


Our experienced VAT team are here to help if you have questions or need assistance responding to the UK & EU tax authorities.

From 1st January 2021, certain businesses selling to UK customers through online marketplaces have new VAT responsibilities

You will need to register for VAT in the UK if you hold goods locally or sell goods valued at less than £135 (which are located outside the UK at time of sale) directly to UK customers.

You will be required to submit quarterly VAT returns to the UK tax authorities and pay any VAT that is due.

If you previously did not need to file UK VAT returns as you made use of the distance selling thresholds, you will now need to register.

Failure to register and file the correct VAT returns might lead to your removal from any existing online marketplace platforms and may prevent you from listing on other online marketplaces without the correct VAT registration in place.
Where is your business established?
Select the region where your company is registered.
The United Kingdom
The European Union
The Rest of the World
Do you store or hold products in warehouses within the EU?

For example, if you make use of the Fulfilment by Amazon service, it is likely that your products are stored in several warehouses across the EU.



Are you currently registered for VAT in the UK?



Do you plan to sell goods in the UK from 1st January 2021?




Based on your answers you are likely to remain compliant with new regulations when they change.

Provided that you are already VAT registered in the UK, or do not have plans to sell products into the UK or EU next year, it is likely that no action is required.

If you would like support with any other aspects of your tax planning, please visit either the Propel by Deloitte website, or contact your local Deloitte office for a consultation.


Based on your answers you will probably need to register and file VAT tax returns in the UK

Our UK VAT Services
One-time VAT Registration
Monthly charge for filings
Good news! We have setup a service to help marketplace sellers register and file their VAT tax returns in the UK and EU. Sign up to create an account


Based on your answers you may be required to register and file in certain EU member states ahead of July 2021

The good news is you still have ample time before the deadline to register and prepare for filings. We are currently helping our customers register and file for UK deadlines in January but you can sign-up below for a reminder ahead of the July deadlines.

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Register for VAT and file VAT returns in the UK

We take the hassle out of staying compliant with full UK VAT registration and filing services.

Register for VAT and file VAT returns in the EU

We are launching a pan-European solution to help you register for and file VAT returns in each relevant EU member state ahead of the additional VAT rules changing in July 2021.

Sign up for more information about the changes and to be notified when we launch.

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