Gender pay and diversity

The UK Government introduced mandatory gender pay reporting with effect from April 2017 for employers with 250 or more UK employees across England, Wales and Scotland. Is your business prepared to report, and more so to analyse, understand and resolve the underlying drivers of inequality?

Embracing equality and diversity is not only the right thing to do – it is good for business. The attraction and retention of talent, reputation and ultimately profitability are all linked to applying a culture of equality, diversity and inclusion.

Our growing technology capability allows us to quickly and accurately calculate an organisation’s Gender Pay Gap metrics, assess results on a segmented basis and provide benchmarking analytics. Combined with our in-house consulting expertise, our offering enables companies to address inequality head-on.

How can Deloitte help you?

  • Preparation, review and assurance of mandatory Gender Pay Gap reporting metrics.
  • Analysis of Gender Pay Gap and associated metrics on a whole organisation or segmented basis. 
  • Benchmarking capabilities e.g. benchmarking against sector and industry peers.
  • Development of effective communication strategies – both internally and externally.
  • Use of data analytics allowing companies to develop a practical evidence based approach to drive sustainable change across the business.
  • Consulting services to support businesses with the creation and implementation of targeted diversity strategies on a local and / or global basis.

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Embracing equality and diversity is not only the right thing to do – it is good for business.  The attraction and retention of talent, a wider range of perspectives leading to greater debate, decision making and business practice, as well as reputation and ultimately profitability can all be traced back to applying a culture of equality, diversity and inclusion.

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Deloitte's Gender Pay report

We first reported our gender pay gap in August 2015 and again in August 2016. At the time of both reports, we were transparent as to the issue that was causing this gap (as with many organisations, a lack of women at the most senior levels of our firm). We were also very clear about the steps that we have been taking to ensure that our firm is balanced from a gender perspective.

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