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Global Mobility Technology

Global Employer Services

We live in a fast-paced, mobile and data driven world where geography is no longer a barrier to prompt and effective service delivery, social media has heightened user expectations of instant communication and collaboration, and data is fuelling business insight. Nowhere are these changes more apparent than in the world of global mobility, where by definition instant global access to data and service via mobile platforms is critical.

Deloitte continues to meet these challenges and leads the way in the provision of smart technical, mobile and collaborative services via our GlobalAdvantage platform.

GlobalAdvantage provides an eco-system of flexible global mobility services to support you and your assignees on every aspect of mobility management and is accessed via an intuitive, mobile and personal user interface. Assignees have access to clear, user-friendly services to support and enhance their assignment experience.

Mobility managers can make use of an array of practical, insightful and value added services covering areas such as programme, vendor and cost management; global tax and social security services; immigration compliance; business traveller services; and incentive tracking and withholding. In addition we provide award-winning data analytic capability to deliver real insight into your mobility programme.