Global Workforce Innovation

Digital technology is disrupting business models, operational processes and talent engagement, and fundamentally transforming the way in which organisations operate. We disrupt and deliver solutions every day, helping you unlock possibilities and navigate complexities.

What does automation, AI and crowdsourcing mean for Global Mobility?

Automation involves programs which replace humans performing repetitive rules-based tasks. Simple and repetitive activities in large volumes can be handled by a robot instead of being handled by ordinary employees. Imagine automating assignee data manipulation and reporting procedures, such as ERP updates, expatriate invoicing and compensation.

AI is a branch of computer science pursuing the development of intelligent machines and software. Imagine a future where day to day questions from assignees are handled by a computer; a computer that becomes smarter as it learns about your Global Mobility programme and your workforce demographics just by answering questions.

Crowdsourcing is a sourcing model in which organisations use non balance sheet employees (the crowd) for specific activities. Imagine leveraging the Crowd for real time housing and COLA data, virtual look and see trips, idea validation and benchmarking.

Forces disrupting the global workforce

The workforce of the future will be very different to that of today. There are many complex factors disrupting both structure and ways of working.

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Kevin Frewin


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