Global Workforce Transformation

The workforce of the future will be very different to that of today; there are many complex factors disrupting both structure and ways of working. Our Global Workforce team can help you plan ahead and ensure your Global Mobility is aligned to your talent and business strategies.

Most, if not all organisations, are operating in an increasingly competitive market. Many also have growth strategies targeting new and emerging markets. In this changing global landscape, with an increased scrutiny to deliver cost reduction and talent alignment, organisations are evaluating how to best transform their global mobility services to meet these challenges. At Global Workforce we have extensive experience conducting transformational projects, using market leading best practices, tools, templates and methodologies.

How should organisations approach Global Mobility?

The Global Mobility Building Blocks is a framework developed by Deloitte to assist companies who are looking to optimise their Mobility programme. This framework encourages initial alignment to business and talent objectives before programme enablers are utilised or changed.

When considering any type of Global Mobility Transformation it is important to ask:-

  1. Why do you use global mobility? Consider your strategic framework and align your mobility programme with your talent and business strategies.
  2. Who are we sending and for what purpose? Your moves can be broken up with regard to the level of business and employee developmental value they have. Once you understand who in your organisation is travelling, you will be able to tailor the experiences and processes.
  3. What should a great service look and feel like? Your service delivery model will impact the mobility experience in your organisation. Ensuring you have the correct executive framework, including service delivery, assignee support and operational excellence, in place will help ensure positive experiences.
  4. How do you achieve this in practice? There are a number of programme enablers which support global moves including people, policy, process, technology, vendors and structures.

Given the central role your global workforce has across all areas of an organisation, enhancing and transforming, a deliberate global workforce strategy should be top priority; with the question of why do you use global mobility being at the forefront of every transformation decision. 

Key contacts

Rumi Das

Rumi Das

Head of Global Workforce Transformation

Rumi leads the Transformation offering, assisting clients to develop and optimise their global workforce, talent and reward programmes across multiple industries and geographies. She has deep experien... More

Beth McConnell

Beth McConnell

Associate Director

Beth has widespread experience in managing large mobility, talent and reward transformation projects which include mobility strategy, global harmonisation, HQ relocations, service delivery model desig... More