The challenge

Having a flexible workforce is an important part of doing business today. And for many organisations, contractors are at the heart of how they deliver. But the introduction of IR35 is set to shake up this landscape. Going forward, all businesses will be responsible for determining the employment status of each of their PSC contractors - reporting to HMRC whether individuals should actually be classified as employees.

Compliance with IR35 can be challenging considering the high volumes of contractors that many businesses deal with. To determine the employment status of each of these, there’s a lot of information to manage and many individuals involved at each stage. Staying on top of this process and having a clear audit trail for HMRC is critical.

Our IR35 Workflow tool has been designed to take the burden out of this process. It provides a structured approach to defining the steps, resources and people involved at each stage – and helps you manage each employment status review case from end to end. Hosted in the cloud and fully secure, you can add as many users as you need to build a system that scales with you.


Clear audit trail

With all of your data in one place, you can easily access any information required by HMRC to support the decisions you’ve reached.

Supports good governance

The system ensures that you build strong process around each employment case review, with required sign off at each stage.

Reduces risk

Managing high volumes of cases through a central management point helps to facilitate an administratively challenging task and reduces risk of non-compliance.

Enables consistent communications

By creating standardised email templates with your own customised content, IR35 Workflow ensures all communications are consistent and reflective of your business policy.

Speeds up the process

Bottlenecks in the process can be easily identified so that you can take action to move cases through quickly.

Gives direction to next steps

With IR35 Workflow you can produce customisable management reports so that you have all the information you need for next steps, such as which individuals to add to payroll.


Bulk contractor assessment case upload via .csv file

Multiple user access

Customisable assignment of roles and responsibilities

Automated email notifications and reminders

Dashboard to display real time case statistics

Accurate and detailed audit trail

Cloud based

How it works

Ir35 Workflow Laptop

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Take the burden out of IR35 compliance.

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