Location Strategy

The choice of a location can have far reaching implications for any business. The right choice can deliver a successful cost effective long-term solution. The wrong choice could impose a burden of increased costs, reduced efficiency and long-term obligations that may be difficult to mitigate.

Location Strategy combines relevant key skills to address the three key questions associated with a relocation project:

  • Location – Where should we locate?
  • Incentives – What benefits are available in terms of grants and incentives and occupier incentives?
  • Real Estate – How should we procure the property and establish a productive and environmentally efficient working environment?

It is the challenge of the unknown that forms the platform for the team to deliver the required outcomes. Every project will be different. We don’t impose existing solutions but tailor our advice to draw on our experience and local Deloitte knowledge to bring unique value to every engagement. Our team works with clients to help them implement transformational location projects. The starting point is to understand the medium-term investment plans and the key priorities for the business. With this perspective we can then work collaboratively to create solutions.

Deloitte has conducted over 8,000 location-related assignments globally. This experience provides us with an unparalleled track record for siting requirements and an intimate understanding of geographically variable operating costs and business conditions.

With dedicated professionals world-wide, Deloitte is a leading player that provides impartial and unbiased advice on locations and facilities. With more than 145,000 staff around the world our global platform allows us to draw upon specific knowledge from in-country teams to provide deep expertise in key areas such as raising finance, corporate restructuring, taxation (corporate, personal and duties), business incorporation and employment law.