Mobility Analytics

Our goal is to enable our clients to become digital, data-driven businesses. Analytics transforms data into an asset, allowing organisations to see key trends in their Global Mobility programme, model changes and predict future costs or assignment success. This empowers them with the ability to make better informed strategic decisions, and enhances the role of the mobility function within the wider business.

Why Mobility Analytics?

Embedding analytics within your mobility function can enable organisations to become data and insight driven, maximising the value to the business, aligning with strategic objectives and maximising employee experience using data and real-time information.

An effective data, insight and reporting strategy can enable mobility and business leaders to understand, track and analyse programme costs, demographics, locations, policy, vendor performance, employee experience and global mobility team performance.

Data Management & Reporting

Through our design-led approach, we help our clients to develop customised data and insight reporting platforms encompassing report automation, interactive dashboards and chatbots. Our specialist team of data experts apply robotics to automate data from 3rd party platforms, data quality and integrity checks, data consolidation and insightful programme visualisation.

1. Automated reporting pushed to business leaders

We create automated and customised reporting in PDF or PowerPoint format with the same look and feel for each business/regional leader. Regular reports are tailored to the data needs of each business lead. The mobility team’s time is freed up by no longer needing to fulfil business reporting requests or queries.

2. Dashboards

Our bespoke dashboards enables self-service reporting and insights for business users and stakeholders.

3. Chatbots

Chatbots are the natural evolution of providing business insights and reporting to the business, utilising Natural Language Processing via a live chat interface. This frees up time for mobility teams and allows individuals to access information 24/7 with little or no user training required.


Analytics is a key capability of our mobility consulting services, where we use both structured and unstructured data, together with data science and AI capabilities to answer some of our clients’ key questions, address challenges and fulfil business strategic priorities.

Examples include:

  • How do I improve assignee experience, engagement and wellbeing? 
  • Why do assignments end early and what is the cost impact?
  • How can we help the business find the best assignment candidates?
  • How can I improve the accuracy of my assignment cost estimates?
  • How does my mobility programme compare to my market peers?

Our aim is to ensure clients have actionable insights that assist in supporting business objectives and key challenges such as enhancing employee experience or reducing costs. Our application of data science and AI to mobility data sets enables us to test specific hypothesis or find unexpected yet valuable business insights.



Converting data and insight into something that delivers ongoing business value typically requires the development of a predictive model or algorithm.

Our Digital Workforce team has developed capabilities to enable organisations to better predict future outcomes including:

  • Assignment costs
  • Assignment success and employee fit
  • Employee experience & engagement 
  • Speed to role deployment

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