Prelo is a self-service employee application that creates a personalised, employee-centric approach to international moves. Prelo calculates personalised allowances, allows employees to select housing options that best meet their family’s needs and experience pre-move immersive city and office tours in virtual reality.

Why Prelo?

The process of relocating or visiting a new global location can be stressful for employees, with uncertainty in understanding how much their allowances will be, where they might live and what the new location and workplace will be like. Prelo aims to deliver an enhanced employee experience addressing these points via a new and immersive digital service.

Existing market processes for calculating assignment allowances allow for little employee personalisation and can be based on generic assumptions. This means that for the employee, allowances do not accurately reflect their own cost differential in moving to a new location, and a lack of transparency in how they are calculated.

Data collection processes can also be very traditional, requiring people on the ground; an expensive and time-consuming process resulting in infrequent updates and ultimately less accurate data.

The solution

Prelo is designed as a simple, seamless and engaging digital experience that guides employees through activities before an international move or visit.

Prelo uses a combination of AI and crowdsourcing to automatically collect and analyse price data from global locations. This means that data can be updated more frequently, so is more accurate than traditional methods requiring people on the ground.

Information provided by the employee is combined with the data collected to deliver a calculation of personalised assignment allowances which can be optionally overlaid with company business rules.

As Prelo gathers near real-time house market data that is used in calculating allowances, this is also available to the employee to filter, evaluate and shortlist housing options based on their individual family needs.

Destination location office and city tours are also delivered via 360-degree videos, which can also be viewed in virtual reality creating a truly immersive experience.


Prelo enhances employee experience through increased personalisation, accuracy and transparency of assignment allowances.

Our data collection processes embrace the latest technologies, and by applying artificial intelligence, data is more accurate, collected more regularly and more cost-efficient.

As Prelo can be delivered to employees as a self-service application, it saves time for global mobility teams in calculating allowances and assisting employees in finding suitable housing options.

Prelo’s 360-degree and VR experiences, also help to orientate employees and their families ahead of their move, reducing the need for expensive pre-assignment visits.

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Andrew Robb

Andrew Robb


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