Tax technology services


Our tax technology services

Tax provision solutions

Deloitte has been providing compliance and reporting technology solutions for more than 20 years, working extensively with third party software producers, or supplying our own market-leading technology solutions. We work closely with other technology providers to create a solution that is best tailored for the requirements of a business.

Tax provision solutions

Deloitte holds relationships with all of the leading providers of tax provision solutions.  A typical implementation of a tax provision solution means configuration of the transactions within the tax provision solution so that it allocates tax codes to transactions accurately.  Deloitte also has an established vendor selection methodology for enabling clients to select the tax provision solution that is most appropriate for them.

Accounting systems

Most multinational businesses now operate their finance and manage other parts of their business through large-scale accounting systems, such as SAP or Oracle. These systems have an impact on all parts of the business and this includes tax. Increasingly, Tax is being asked to provide input into requirements for these systems to cover tax reporting functionality, accurate invoicing, and data and document management.

Deloitte’s tax accounting system specialists offer insight and advice to assist Tax through the process of implementing a new accounting system or tax-sensitising a system that is currently in use. Deloitte works together with implementation teams and tax departments to provide strategic support to the tax team as they undertake an implementation or customisation. Our services can take the form of advice, integration, secondments, and technical back-up and skills where they are required.

Scalable services

Our tax technology services can be scaled to fit the size, geographical spread, or appetite for tax transformation of a particular organisation.  For example, a UK-based company could partner with Deloitte to improve, streamline and integrate tax compliance and reporting processes with wider financial reporting via a spreadsheet-based solution.

For a company with a broader reach and large numbers of jurisdictions to report on, Deloitte may recommend implementation of a tax provision solution, enabling tax departments to ensure in complex tax environments that correct tax codes are applied in both accounts payable and accounts receivable environments.