Telescope is a global workforce demand/supply matching tool that that merges Global Mobility and Talent under a single digital platform. Telescope automatically matches open roles with candidates from internal and external talent pools from across the globe ensuring that the right people are moved at the right time.

Why Telescope?

Sourcing talent into global roles is a complex, time-consuming, expensive and often inaccurate process.
When considering how to fill global roles, organisations can lack oversight across different talent options.

Typically there is a lack of data on candidate skills. Analysis of costs, risks, suitability and chances of success can be difficult to achieve.

Often, candidates may not meet business needs, assignments fail, tax can significantly increase costs and immigration requirements can significantly delay deployment timeframes.

The goal of Telescope is to address these business challenges together, and allow organisations to obtain competitive advantage by enabling a global and agile workforce.

The solution

Telescope is a digital platform designed to help organisations make data-driven and informed hiring and mobility decisions, aligned to business needs. Users are able to identify the best and most suitable talent option for open roles while staying within time, cost and risk constraints.

Telescope provides a single view and comparison across all talent sourcing options; local employees, global employees, contingent workers and external talent. A combination of AI and data analytics underpins Telescope, allowing previously manual processes to be automated and real-time analysis of skills and deployment trends.

Users are able to compare and filter candidates by skills fit, personal attributes, likelihood of success, cost and speed to deployment.


Telescope enables organisations to truly unlock the power of their global talent pool through rapid decision making.

Additional benefits include:

  • Always identifying the best possible candidates for a role
  • Increase the return on talent investments
  • Ensure immigration compliance in deployment decisions
  • Improve talent sourcing efficiency
  • Reduce bias and discrimination in identifying and hiring candidates
  • Increase deployment speeds
  • Real-time analytics of global skill needs versus availability to inform future strategic hires

Key contact

Robin Brown

Robin Brown


Robin leads Deloitte’s Global Workforce Analytics team where he develops analytics insights and services for clients in mobility, talent and reward. He has extensive experience in envisioning, creatin... More