The challenge

When it comes to tackling tax avoidance, efforts to improve transparency are high on the agenda for governments around the world. A new EU Directive, "DAC6" (also known as EU MDR) is one of the measures the European Commission has put in place towards achieving this. Although introduced in June 2018, the full reporting requirements do not take effect until summer 2020 (with some EU countries to delay until the start of 2021). However, at this point an entirely new reporting regime will apply for tax payers (and their advisors). These new rules mean that more time and resource will need to be dedicated to providing information to relevant tax authorities about any relevant cross-border arrangements they’ve entered into (or advised on).

What makes all of this more challenging is that once a relevant cross-border arrangement has been triggered, tax payers and their advisors have only 30 days in which to report this to the appropriate tax authorities across the EU member states. With time of the essence, and with potentially multiple arrangements to report, it will be critical for businesses to quickly determine whether the arrangement is reportable under DAC6 and then track the process of reporting in real time.

We’ve designed MDR Reporter to make this process simple, transparent and efficient, providing you with one place to go to address all of your compliance needs to meet the DAC6 regulations. MDR Reporter will act as a repository to track all potentially relevant arrangements, allow users to apply local rules to determine whether reporting will be required and provide a simple process for seamless and efficient reporting. With all of your decision making process being documented in real time, MDR Reporter will also provide you with the audit trail you need for any subsequent investigation.

Disclaimer: Please note that the video below is for demonstration purposes only, and the features of the tool described in the video are subject to change. This video is intended for the original recipient of the emailed link to this webpage only. Nothing in this video constitutes tax, legal, consulting or other professional advice, and you should consult a qualified professional adviser before making any decision or taking any action relating to EU MDR which may affect your finances or business affairs.


Keep on top of regulatory change

MDR Reporter is backed by our network of tax advisory specialists throughout the EU, which means that the tool is updated appropriately and quickly whenever a country introduces a new regulatory change.

Speed up the process

With customisable filters and visualisations to display management information, MDR Reporter can improve efficiency by expediting your review process from input through to submission.

Improve security of information

All data uploaded to the tool is held on secure servers, and any users will only have access to arrangements where they have pre-approved clearance. This allows you to reduce the risk of data breaches across your business.

Drive stronger governance

Built in workflow management functionality means that all review stages must be completed before submission. And, with the decision making process being documented in real time, key stakeholders can access a full audit trail whenever required.


Data visualisations and analytics

Updated by our Deloitte tax experts throughout the EU

Customisable and tiered user access

Bulk import and export functionality

Integrated country specific reporting

Proprietary decision tree guidance

Built in workflow and email notifications

Built in comprehensive audit trail to track and review changes

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