A people-based telecom business

Breathing new life into segmentation strategies

Market segmentation is not a modern technique and is going through significant change at this moment in time. The traditional balance between reach and customisation is being overhauled, as the digital world offers brands a chance to personalise experiences in a meaningful, privacy-conscious way.

In collaboration with Facebook, Deloitte has examined one of the biggest changes in anyone's life; motherhood.

This report, produced in collaboration with Facebook, reveals that:

  • There is significant variance in behaviour, desire and purchasing intent of customers that sit within the same traditional demographic segments
  • Mothers behave differently online to women without children in terms of activity on Facebook, consumed content and their potential influence
  • A moment-based segmentation could hold the key to understanding how major life changes impact key decisions, such as propensity to churn

Our findings point to the possibility for operators and OEMs to encourage retention with a more people-focused approach, and for customers to benefit from more relevant, timely communications.

Within this report we propose a lean approach and practical steps to experiment and apply this new segmentation. Those quickest to master this stand to benefit from both better maintenance of their customer base and more effective customer acquisition.

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