Media Consumer Survey 2013

Love in a cold climate

2012 was a defining media year. Whether it was millions cheering on their heroes on TV, online and in the streets, previously unheard-of authors breaking records for book sales, or chilling propaganda distributed on social networks, media reached into our lives more intensely than ever before.

UK consumers' love for technology seems undiminished

It seems that despite the frosty economic climate, UK consumers still seem besotted by high quality professionally-produced media and the devices on which they consume it.

Key findings
  • The average UK household now owns more than 11 devices.
  • 65% of UK consumers have access to a smartphone and a third to a tablet.
  • The television is no longer one of the top three favoured devices, but TV programmes remain  the favourite medium for content.
  • In using  the Internet , over 25s are 'search-first' and under 24s are 'social-first' .
  • PCs are now the favourite way to read news, with only 39% preferring print, a staggering reduction from 75%.
  • Print is still  the preferred way to read magazines (75%), but PCs more than double in popularity.
    eReaders are now present in one third of UK households, a 65% increase since 2011.
  • The average gamer buys between 4-5 games a year and 81% buy them in the physical format.

About the research

This is the seventh annual edition of research commissioned by Deloitte’s Media & Entertainment practice.

Focusing on four generations of respondents, the survey provides a ’reality check’ on how consumers between the ages of 14 and 75 are interacting with media, entertainment, and information, and what their preferences might be in the future.

The survey was carried out by an independent research firm during December 2012, using an online methodology with 2,085 consumers in the UK and over 16,000 worldwide.

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