The data landscape

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Deloitte has analysed the changing data landscape, highlighting the breadth of data-generating interactions as individuals increasingly use digital services and devices.

The widespread use of a plethora of digital services is transforming the data landscape. Consumer devices and applications have become ingrained in everyday lives and the amount of data being generated by individuals is expanding exponentially as a result.

In the context of widespread digitalisation and emerging technologies, this study examines the trends that are driving growth in the volume of data generated and provides original research exploring the breadth of data-generating interactions between individuals and organisations.

Key findings:

  • Individuals are enabling exponential data growth by using digital services and devices
  • Individuals interact with a diverse and expanding range of organisations, creating similar sets of data with several providers
  • Further data growth will come from new devices and services
  • Data has the potential to enable new services and solutions
The data landscape
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