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Making quadplay a seamless experience at Virgin Media

We gave Virgin Media a single sales solution to solve the complexity of its expanding product lines

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Virgin Media is the first telecoms and media company in the UK to offer ‘quad play’ to its customers, bundling ultrafast broadband, TV and fixed-line telephony alongside its existing mobile phone services.

But with these expanding product lines comes increasing operational complexity. Historically, most of Virgin’s sales were made through calls to its contact centres, but as consumer preferences change, the company has recognised the need to move away from a culture that fostered competition between the different sales channels towards a unified approach. Virgin asked us to help it deliver the first-ever truly multi-channel business-to-consumer solution.

The result was a solution known as Prospect Management, which works across all of Virgin Media’s sales channels, giving the company’s 2,000 agents a single view of the customer and their dealings with the company. By bringing together channels that previously would have been kept separate, the new, integrated sales journey fosters internal collaboration and gives consumers a happier, seamless experience of dealing with the company.

Now, rather than restarting conversations with sales agents, customers can go to the channel (or channels) of their choice, and are served by Virgin Media agents who have an instant understanding of their journey so far. That makes sales conversations quicker and easier, as agents build engagement and are able to support positive buying decisions.

At a time when research into purchasing journeys has revealed, unsurprisingly, a very small window in which to convert interest into a sale, our solution gives Virgin Media the means to increase its conversion rate by improving collaboration across channels.

The new approach provides a single solution for managing millions of marketing interactions that generate thousands of prospect interactions every day, replacing a fragmented journey with a coherent, unified brand experience for Virgin Media users across the UK.

The project has recently won the Customer Engagement award at the Management Consultancies Association’s 2016 Awards.

Working with Deloitte was a great experience. Their diligence throughout the project was exemplary and they were a fantastic partner in delivering Prospect Management. They worked hard to understand our business and focused on delivering a solution that was right to enable our employees to meet our strategic growth objectives. They immediately entwined themselves with our team and together we fostered an environment of hard work and collective responsibility. This project was critical for us to deliver an experience that future customers in our marketplace have been crying out for. We believe this project puts our business in a position of advantage through the industry, and it’s the partnership with Deloitte that has enabled that.

Alan Stott, Director, Online Sales and Sales Service, Virgin Media

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