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Technological innovation and the revolution in communications it has created, brings multiple routes to market and expanding and complex revenue opportunities for the media marketplace. Our expertise covers all media sectors, from broadcasting and publishing, to music, gaming and digital businesses.


The impact of web traffic on revenues of traditional newspaper publishers

The news industry has undergone unprecedented transformation over the last two decades. The Internet has accelerated the pace at which news is created and accessed by readers. At the same time, print circulation has been declining, which has put pressure on publishers to innovate both.  

Dan Ison

Media & Entertainment Lead Partner

Mark Lee-Amies

TMT Audit Lead



How do you consume music?

We explore reactions to the changes in the way music listeners want to consume music


WiThink Blog

Our point of view on all things Tech, Media and Telco.


Understanding the client of the now and the client of the future

We explore some of the key themes that came out of the Media & Telecoms Conference 2015