The rapid pace of technological change is one of the biggest challenges facing industry executives today. Our expertise focuses on helping technology companies of all shapes and sizes across the world deal with the demands of adapting their business strategies to succeed in a changing market.


Cyber risk

Recent high-profile attacks on companies including retail, media and industrial sectors have highlighted the type of damage that can be done by hackers and cyber terrorists.


Technology and people: The great job-creating machine

Deloitte economists Ian Stewart, Debapratim De and Alex Cole study employment data from the last 144 years to assess how technological change has affected employment in England and Wales.


The internet of things ecosystem

Unlocking the business value of connected devices.


Tech, Media & Telco Predictions

Knowing what will come next in tech, media and telco trends has become a key competitive differentiator and can give your business a leading edge. That is why each year, we’re presenting our view on the major trends from the industry that will impact UK businesses.


The global economic impact of Facebook

We estimate  that through the channels of marketers, app developers and providers of connectivity, Facebook enabled $227bn of economic impact and 4.6m jobs globally in 2014.   


Career opportunities

People make Deloitte one of the best places to work, to learn, to grow. We offer inspiring work to students and experienced professionals across Tax Consulting, Audit, Financial Advisory, Consulting and Technology.

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Technology Lead Partner

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WiThink Blog

Our point of view on all things Tech, Media and Telco.


Wearables, VR headsets, 5G, IoT? Mobile World Congress 2015 had it all

At the MWC 2015, it was increasingly obvious that the event is becoming a cross-industry affair as more things get connected. We take a look at some of the things seen at the event.


The Return of the Watch…Or is it?

Does a smartwatch really make sense? We ponder the potential for market growth, and applicability to everyday life.