Episode 23 – Cloud, Mergers and Acquisitions - What’s the deal?

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M&A activity is rapidly growing across the globe, with more than 92% of respondents expecting deal volume to increase or stay the same over the next 12 months according to Deloitte’s 2022 Future of Mergers and acquisitions Trends survey. As M&A activity continues to grow within the market, Cloud has enabled a faster end to end process, which supports easier integration and migration to unlock real value. It’s evident that this has enabled a range of hyperscale providers, for example Oracle’s purchase of DYN and the performance of Salesforce.

In episode 23, we’ll be joined by guests Will Beech, Deloitte’s Lead for Technology in M&A Transformation within the TMT industry and Sriram Prakash, Deloitte’s Global Lead for Disruptive M&A, as they share insights on M&A in more detail.

Key questions explored in this podcast:

  1. Cloud and mergers and acquisitions – What’s the deal?
  2. Are we seeing the use of Cloud changing the way companies are valued?
  3. And so Sriram, what role is Cloud playing in the mergers and acquisitions process itself?
  4. How is Cloud changing the space of IT integration following mergers and acquisitions activity?
  5. Are there any key trends across different industries?
  6. What help are our clients asking for in this space?
  7. What’s next for mergers and acquisitions?

Adam Gogarty

Adam is a Director in Deloitte’s Technology practice with a background in Cloud computing, IT strategy and architecture. Adam’s strength is in helping clients articulate their strategy and build consensus on transformation roadmaps across technology, people and processes.

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William Beech
Senior Manager, Consulting

Will is the lead for Technology M&A Transformation within the TMT industry and is part of Deloitte’s wider Tech Strategy and Transformation practice.

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Sriram Prakash

Sriram Prakash is a senior executive at Deloitte and has held leadership roles across M&A, strategy consulting and insight function. He is a global leader for Disruptive M&A, a multi-disciplinary proposition to help clients pursue innovation-led growth through investments and acquisitions of assets that are disrupting their market.

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Sunder Ramaswamy
Senior Manager, Google Cloud Lead Solution Architect, Deloitte

Senior Manager having 14 years of industry experience focused on Cloud Strategy, IT Transformation and Infrastructure Optimization. Certified multi-cloud Architect holding 5 AWS and 3 GCP certifications. His areas of expertise include Cloud Solution Architecture Design, Cloud Security, Data Analytics in Cloud and implementing complex Cloud solutions.

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