Episode 4: DevOps - Is it the culture, team or toolchain that makes it successful?

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It is universally agreed that DevOps underpins our journeys into the cloud and is the way that cloud platforms should be implemented and managed. DevOps enables us to maximise the agility of Cloud and shorten time-to-market. There are, however, aspects of DevOps that people often miss – it’s not just about toolchains and automation.

In this episode, we dive into the commonly-overlooked aspects of successful DevOps implementation, as well as some of the key areas of focus for scaling DevOps adoption in the Cloud. Pro tip: it's all about identifying impediments to automation and scalability. Tune in to find out more!

Key questions explored in this podcast:

  • When we talk about DevOps what do we mean? Is it the culture, the team, the toolchain?
  • How can we tackle Tech Debt for Toolchain and Infrastructure?
  • How has the shift from projects to products helped?
  • How can you scale the DevOps mind-set and the platform delivering on it?
  • What role does testing play in this?
  • How to source the Skills and Talent required and what do consultancies bring?

Aarti Balakrishnan

Aarti has over 15 years of experience defining and delivering technology strategies across Financial Services, Retail, Telecoms and Government Departments.

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Elliot Chapple
Senior Manager

Elliot is a Senior Cloud Architect within Deloitte’s Cloud Engineering practice with a decade of experience across Financial Services and Insurance.

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Paul Toler
Senior Manager
Head of Platform Engineering, Deloitte Digital

Paul has led technical ops and engineering workstreams on many of our most complex delivery programmes.

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Brian Neo
Senior Manager
DevOps Engineering Capability Lead

Brian is the DevOps Engineering capability lead in Deloitte’s Cloud Engineering practice with 8 years’ experience in Cloud platforms delivery and building Platforms Engineering capabilities.

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