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Set innovation and agility in motion

Leverage industry-leading cloud infrastructure to create opportunities for innovation, acceleration, and growth with ELEVATE, a cloud migration and delivery approach offered by Deloitte Consulting LLP and Oracle Consulting.

“Lift and shift” is a phrase often used to describe the process of migrating on-premises workloads to the cloud. But migrating your existing technology to the Cloud is only the beginning of your journey. Cloud migration can span the spectrum from a single application to an entire data center migration and transformation. The journey warrants careful planning, taking into account not only the technical aspects of migrating to the cloud but also the business ramifications and impact on employees and customers.

Today, it's not always clear where to start transformation, let alone how to proceed moving quickly, cost-effectively, and safely. The ELEVATE offering seeks to move and improve, providing end-to-end services for any organisation seeking to enrich the human experience and drive innovation through true cloud-enabled digital transformation.

ELEVATE is designed to leverage modern, industry-leading cloud infrastructure in order to create opportunities for innovation, acceleration, and growth. With the Imagine, Modernise, Innovate framework, ELEVATE focuses on driving Datacenter Transformation, offering Integrated Insights and enabling Platform Modernisation.

ELEVATE’s tailored approach supports your organisation in potentially reducing risk through a single and effective delivery model, accountability structure, executive sponsorship, and industry and technology capabilities.

To learn more about how ELEVATE allows organizations to set a digital transformation foundation in motion connect with us today.

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Oracle Consulting and Deloitte Collaborate to Help Organizations Move and Innovate with Oracle Cloud | ELEVATE allows organisations to set a digital transformation foundation in motion

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