Case studies

Global Pharmaceutical Company


We worked with our client to develop a Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud solution and a new Adobe/Salesforce web portal that was rolled out to users across 54 countries. Having realised the strategic value of their Salesforce platform, our client requested support in implementing a factory approach and centre of excellence to allow the parallel development of present and future apps in one Production Org.


We collaborated with our client to crate a Salesforce digital factory based on the following principles:

  • Reducing change lead time – trimming the time from a User story / Defect to Go Live
  • Introducing automation – removing manual activities that lead to reduced speed and high error rates
  • Maintaining quality standards – defining developer, release management and testing standards, training teams effectively and governing that they have been implemented.


Following the successful implementation of the Digital Factory, our client was able to migrate the solutions developed by multiple teams with different sprint cycles on the same production instance while maintaining quality and security.

Time between releases to production was reduced from an initial four months to one week.

The introduction of automated regression testing and automated environment builds reduced both the time and cost associated with labour intensive and repetitive activities while ensuring that the quality is maintained.

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