Episode 6: Operational Excellence: the evolution of monitoring to observability

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In the final episode of our first series, we’ll be exploring the topic of operational excellence. We’re all too aware that the technological landscape, platforms we manage, and things we monitor, have changed significantly and become ever more complex. So how has monitoring evolved and matured into observability to keep up with this changing landscape? Join our panel of experts as we delve into the world of observability tackling questions including - what are the shifts from architecture to operations and how do we use this information effectively? How does ‘Chaos Engineering’ aid in achieving operational excellence, and finally, as a managed service provider, how do we adapt our practices to the variety of businesses we support?

Key questions explored in this podcast:

  • What is the difference between monitoring and observability?
  • How have architects adapted to the new operational mind-set?
  • Is the information provided by todays toolset just for the operations teams or should it be available to a broader audience?
  • How does chaos engineering dovetail into operational excellence?
  • How do we adapt our operational practices to the variety of businesses we support as a Managed Service Provider?

Aarti Balakrishnan

Aarti has over 15 years of experience defining and delivering technology strategies across Financial Services, Retail, Telecoms and Government Departments.

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Sean Dunne
Senior Manager

Chief Architect and Cloud Services Lead for Deloitte Cloud. Deloitte Cloud are a Technology Delivery capability within Deloitte Ventures. We provide a set of industry accredited services that enables innovation, supports accelerators and one off solutions, underpins the product portfolio for go to market and manages and governs complex business critical solutions.

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Satish Natarajan
AWS EMEA Ambassador
Senior Manager

Satish is a Lead Cloud Architect within Deloitte’s Cloud Engineering practice with over 14 years’ experience in the technology industry.

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