Episode 10: Migrating to Cloud - top tips for getting it right

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There’s a lot of talk about moving to Cloud, but when is the right time to make the move and how can you set yourself up for a successful migration? In this podcast our experts will uncover a series of questions relating to Cloud migration from the big challenges down to trends, opportunities and the critical factors to ensure a successful Cloud migration. Incomplete data, overly optimistic views and cyber risk are just a few of the big challenges to mention.

Join our host Adam Gogarty as he explores the world of Cloud migration with experts from across our Consulting practice.


  • What’s driving organisations to pursue a migration to Cloud?
  • How does Cloud migration differ to the “traditional” data centre migration?
  • What are the Critical Success Factors to Cloud migration?
  • What are the big challenges or hurdles that organisations are facing?
  • What level of business, application and/or infrastructure transformation are organisations undertaking in their Cloud migration?
  • Are there specific trends, opportunities or issues that are industry specific?

Adam Gogarty

Adam is a Director in Deloitte’s Technology practice with a background in Cloud computing, IT strategy and architecture. Adam’s strength is in helping clients articulate their strategy and build consensus on transformation roadmaps across technology, people and processes.

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Darren Dunford
Director, Cloud Native Development, Systems Engineering, Deloitte

  • Technical Delivery and Engineering Lead focusing on cloud technology, cloud-native development and digital platform implementations
  • 20 years’ experience working IT architecture, engineering, technical delivery and operational roles
  • Industry-agnostic - prior experience across private sector, public sector and finance services

Hinai Lad
Senior Manager, Consulting

With a track record of over 20 years of successful technology delivery, Hinai is an infrastructure domain expert and experienced project manager. During his career he's developed a broad set of skills within Development, Operations, Project & Programme Management and IT Strategy.

16 years have been dedicated to data centre transformation and application, infrastructure and service migration - giving him a particular insight to this specific challenge.

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