Episode 11: Cloud inertia: what it means and how to tackle it

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Cloud has been the biggest tech disruption since the introduction of the Internet. But while we’ve been talking about it for years, the rate of Cloud adoption hasn’t caught up at the same pace. So what’s the cause of this inertia? And how can businesses overcome the challenge?

Join our host Aarti Balakrishnan as she tackles the topic of Cloud inertia with Dave Parkin, a Deloitte Cloud Transformation leader.

Key questions explored in this podcast:

  1. The conversation around Cloud has been going on for years, so why are we seeing such slow adoption rates?
  2. How has the COVID-19 intervention shifted mindset?
  3. How has the leadership adopted and evolved to this new way of working and demand?
  4. Is the operating model catching up?
  5. How are we helping our clients?
  6. What skills are needed to tackle these challenges?

Aarti Balakrishnan

Aarti has over 15 years of experience defining and delivering technology strategies across Financial Services, Retail, Telecoms and Government Departments.

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Dave Parkin
Partner, Consulting

Dave is a Partner in Deloitte UK Consulting's Business Operations team, with leadership roles in Deloitte's Public sector & Cloud Engineering practices. Dave specialises in cloud-enabled technology transformation and major programme delivery in the Public Sector, with a focus on Defence, Security and Civil Govt clients. Dave is also adept at contract development, outsourcing and commercial management for the public sector.

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