Warc Trends Toolkit 2017

Identifying top global marketing trends

Interested in global marketing trends? We are once again delighted to be collaborating with Warc to share the key marketing trends for 2017. Alongside Warc, we have developed predictions on the challenges marketers will face in the year ahead and used Deloitte’s own research and wealth of experience with clients to provide our perspective on how to approach these effectively.

Deloitte partner Jason Warnes discusses marketing trends for Warc 2017. is an online service that helps brands grow by introducing them to the proven approaches behind the best practices and insights of the world's most effective advertisers.


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Chapter 1. “Dark social” - Brands should prepare for all-in-one messaging apps

Addresses the emergence of a private chat functionality which has gone beyond simple sharing of messages and pictures, and the challenge of marketers to tap into the wealth of data available.  


Chapter 2. Digital Effectiveness - Three ways to balance reach and precision

Tackling the rise of social media and big data in creating opportunities to develop highly personalised marketing campaigns, and how, more recently, advertisers are starting to question whether precise targeting through digital channels is really more valuable than good ‘old-fashioned’ mass marketing.

Chapter 3. VR and AR - Brands need user testing to assess the value of VR and AR

Looks at how VR and AR’s usage is still in its infancy as a marketing tool, and must be adapted to fit the optimal user experience.  

Chapter 4. Video and Social - The way we think about video is changing

Discusses how brands need to understand how video fits into the broader customer journey, such as the transition from social to ecommerce, and how this journey from social to store allows brands to bring together data on what customers think and feel through social and connect this with purchasing behaviour.  

Chapter 5. DTC and The Internet of Things – In search of a strategy for the IoT

Explores how consumer goods brands continue to experiment with both direct-to-consumer and internet-enabled products, and how the challenges are now to learn from these tactical activities and evolve them into sustainable value-generating initiatives.

Chapter 6. Artificial Intelligence - The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.

Introduces the use of AI as a mainstream experience aligned to customers’ expectations, and how organisations will need to understand when personalisation is reducing the power of their brand and in what situations a human is much better for the job.

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