Episode 21 – Where’s my Cloud?

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Deloitte’s recent Tech Trends report found that 72% of IT leaders already use edge computing, with an increasing amount of enterprise data now being created using edge computing and Cloud. Enterprise IT is becoming increasingly more distributed across multiple Cloud providers and edge locations. This enterprise is driven by a range of requirements from in-store experiences in the Retail sector, to the development of ‘smart ports’ in shipping.

In episode 21, we’ll provide insight on the topic of 5G and edge computing, as we’re joined by guests David Green, Cloud Engineering Partner (TMT), Luke Baylis, Director in Cloud Engineering and Steve Cowan, Senior Manager in Technology Strategy and Transformation.

Key questions explored in this podcast:

  1. Where is my Cloud?
  2. Is it todays or tomorrow’s problem? How do we solve them?
  3. What are your clients asking you in this space? And why Deloitte?
  4. What’s the opportunity/challenge?
  5. Do you see differences by industry?
  6. What’s next?

Useful reading:

Adam Gogarty

Adam is a Director in Deloitte’s Technology practice with a background in Cloud computing, IT strategy and architecture. Adam’s strength is in helping clients articulate their strategy and build consensus on transformation roadmaps across technology, people and processes

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David  Green

David is a cloud transformation delivery partner focusing on the TMT sector. Areas of specialisation are end-to-end business transformation in Telecoms involving modernisation or replacement of technology platforms.

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Luke Baylis

Luke is a Director in Deloitte’s Cloud Engineering practice with background in networking and telecoms.

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Steve Cowan
Senior Manager

Steve is a Senior Manager with Deloitte’s Tech Strategy and Transformation community and leads on 5G and the Enterprise across NSE.

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Usman Majid

Usman is a technical project manager in the Deloitte Technology practice, delivering Cloud transformation projects end-to-end.

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