Episode 27: Who/what is a developer?

Over the last decade, the role of a developer has evolved due to the introduction of new tools and technologies. Not only this, but the adoption of agile working and cloud have meant that developers are no longer considered as solely software engineers. Our guests discuss this in further detail, and reveal the best way to acquire and foster new talent in tech.

Key questions explored in this podcast:

  1. How has the role of a developer transformed over the years?
  2. With so many tools and technologies to master, how do you build expertise and what’s the quickest route?
  3. Many businesses have 10s or 100s of technology roles open. How should people spot talent with the ability to work with technology?
  4. How do you embed a developer in your team and ensure they gain the skills that help them to grow?
  5. Has the job of a developer become easier due to forums and new technologies or has information overload made it more complex?

Aarti Balakrishnan

Aarti has over 15 years of experience defining and delivering technology strategies across Financial Services, Retail, Telecoms and Government Departments.

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Elliot Chapple

Elliot is a Lead Cloud Architect within Deloitte’s Cloud Engineering practice with over a decade of experience across Financial Services and Insurance.

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Ioannis Makris
Senior Manager

Ioannis is a Google Cloud Architect and Engineer with experience proving to enterprise clients the value of moving to Google Cloud through PoCs and end-to-end delivery.

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Satish Natarajan
Senior Manager, AWS EMEA Ambassador, Deloitte

Satish is a Lead Cloud Architect within Deloitte’s Cloud Engineering practice with over 14 years’ experience in the technology industry. Satish has a proven track record of delivering complex cloud based solutions for clients cross industry, incorporating industry best practice and well-architected solutions.

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