Belfast Applications Centre

Delivering high quality competitively priced services, with the flexibility to meet client demands.

The Belfast Applications Centre is an Enterprise Applications Near Shore team and was formed as part of Deloitte’s Belfast Delivery Centre. The Belfast Delivery Centre aims to ensure that services are delivered by the most appropriate teams from the most appropriate locations, taking advantage of modern techniques for communication and flexible as well as remote team working.

The Belfast Applications Centre provides specialised, focused knowledge and support that is tailored to each project. Some examples include project planning, design and functional specification, training and testing support. Application specific expertise spans across SAP, Oracle, Workday, NetSuite, Coupa and Ariba.

The Belfast Applications Centre represents Deloitte’s response to changing client demands and market conditions and offers a tailored and integrated delivery service that provides our clients with the same high quality value at a more competitive price point.

Benefits of using Belfast Applications Centre

Integrated Service Delivery
The Applications Centre can be fully integrated with onshore delivery through one language, one time zone and one currency with the ability to be on the client site when needed.

Flexible Delivery
Expertise in Hybrid Agile methodology – ability to leverage skills and pre-packaged tools to shorten delivery life cycle.

Improved Quality
Providing experienced resources with deep applications knowledge, leading to high quality deliverables.

“The Belfast Enterprise Applications team is a rapidly developing function in our business, combining deep functional and technical application knowledge and industry expertise to deliver innovative solutions to our clients across the solution delivery lifecycle. The near shore delivery model provides financial benefits to clients, as well as greater flexibility and the ability to partner with Deloitte throughout the course of their business transformation”


Richard Petyt, Partner, Enterprise Applications, Deloitte

Key contact

Richard Petyt

Richard Petyt

Richard is the lead Partner for Deloitte’s Belfast Delivery Centre, and also oversees the Private Sector industry alignment of the Enterprise Applications practice. He has extensive experience of deli... More