The challenge

You want to transform your workforce using next generation technology, but you’re struggling to scale. Large scale automation programmes are difficult to track and involve incoherent spreadsheets, siloed departments and inefficient reporting. If you can’t manage your pipeline of opportunities, how can you make sure you’re getting the most value out of your programme?

Imagine if you could have instant, enterprise-wide visibility of all automation opportunities and a clear view on where each of these is at, allowing you to make better informed choices to accelerate development and enhance your ROI from automation.

Digital Pipeline has been designed from the experience of over 500 automation projects to transform the way you manage your end to end automation programme. It provides you with a digital pipeline management capability that brings everything together in one place so that you can track your programme efficiently and in real-time. And with our best practice methodology embedded, we make it easier for you to quickly identify and progress the right opportunities to help you get the most out of your programme.


​Improve success rate

​Deliver a more successful automation programme through the setting of strategic goals and tracking of the end to end automation lifecycle.

​Save time

By digitising a previously manual process, PMO effort is freed up to spend more time on higher value activities. Built in governance and workflows also help to speed up sign off processes.

​Promote confidence

With a real-time view of accurate management information across projects, business areas and the whole programme, you’re able to quickly deliver greater insight to your stakeholders.

​Optimise delivery

​Monitor the progress of all of your automation opportunities in one place to quickly see which activities need accelerating. With all team members collaborating on one platform, you’ll have access to a full audit trail of activity.

​Drive consistency

Our built in evaluation and scoring system helps you to qualify the best opportunities for automation in a consistent way. You can also ensure rigour and governance is embedded in your process by using our pre-defined progression framework - minimising any potential quality issues.

​Future proof your programme

By transforming your offline, manual approach to pipeline management, you’ll practice what you preach by using the latest digital functionality to automate and manage your automation activities.


AWS hosted SaaS solution

Rapid deployment

Built-in governance and workflows

Strategic goal set-up

Project performance monitoring

Benefits tracker

Real-time reporting

Single source of truth

How it works

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